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Tour the Kotel Plaza with Google Street View!

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Google’s street view cars hit the streets of Israel a couple of months ago, carefully indexing the Holy Land. Apparently, they somehow found their way to the Western-Wall Plaza too! Have a look:


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As real as it gets

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Shalom all!

I know many of your don’t have the luxury I’m fortunate enough to have – to have Holy Jerusalem within reach!

I found these amazing spherical virtual tours and I think this is as close as one can get without actually being in the Western-Wall! I hope you enjoy them! Play around with your mouse on the virtual Western-Wall below!



Blessings from the Holy Land,



The Kotel in 1870

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Shalom everyone!

I was pleasantly surprised to find an amazing picture on Wikipedia. It’s a picture of the Kotel (the Western-Wall) taken in 1870! 140 years ago! Imagine that!

Here is the photo (since so much time has passed, it is in the public domain.

(Click to enlarge)


I can day dream for a long time while looking at this picture, trying to imagine all the changes that happened in the world in the 140 years since this picture was taken, and all the changes in the near proximity of the Kotel.

One thing that did not change, and always intrigues me, is the shrubs growing and blooming from the crevices. For at least 140 years they’ve been there – never died, never changed. Here is a picture I took at the Kotel myself not long ago (click to enlarge):

Take your time and let your imagination carry you when you think about the changes the Kotel has “seen” in all these years, and how the shrubs remained every-green.

Blessing from the Holy Land,




A Present for Passover

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Free app now available! Please install, rate & comment!


NHK News Story

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Shalom everyone!

On October 15th I was interviewed by Japan’s #1 TV station – NHK. The crew and I also went to Jerusalem together, where they filmed me placing your prayers in the Western-Wall.

When they interviewed me on my home court, they wanted to show me ‘in action’ so they asked me interact with my followers on Twitter (which means, you!). The story was broadcasted a few weeks ago in Japan, and this is what the Japanese population saw:

If you look closely (click on any photo to enlarge), you’ll see me tweeting you guys and asking to say Hello to NHK TV.

Then, they showed your reactions:


The NHK crew was completely surprised when they saw the dozens of tweets that greeted them hello. I think it’s pretty nice to see this interaction between you – the people who consume media and manufacture  “New Media” – and the “Old Media”, like the TV stories.

Here are a couple more pictures from that day:

Here you can see the end-result – The river of blue prayers inside the Western-Wall:

and here’s the camera-guy making sure he has this blue river on video for the Japanese people to see:

Thanks everyone for interacting with me in front of the cameras!

All the best from the Holy Land,



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