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Push to add drama – Israeli version

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Hello all,

A few weeks ago a campaign for a cable channel went viral online and got quite a few views on YouTube. It’s called “Push to add drama” and if you haven’t seen it already, it’s an enjoyable watch. Here it is:



A couple of clever young Israelis added their take on the drama button to YouTube. It’s short and to the point. After watching the original video, have a look at this one:



A great talk from the amazing TED website.


My trip to Jerusalem by Kutiman [music video]

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Shalom all!

Israeli musician Kutiman has recently released a great video clip entitled ‘My trip to Jerusalem’. I watched it quite a few times already, and I’m sure you will too. It has a great rhythm combined with compelling photographs. Here it is, enjoy:

For more Kutiman, here’s his YouTube channel.

Thank you @UdiRub for the referral.


Temple Mount UFO videos (?)

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Shalom all,

A few videos of an alleged extra-terrestrial object flying over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have been making some noise on the internet lately. Apparently, a few different people documented a ‘visit’ on Jan. 28th.
I thought you might get a laugh from watching the videos. Not so sure how they were made though.

Anyway, enjoy:

UPDATE [Feb. 4]: Here’s a nice recap of why all these videos are fakes.


VIDEO: Welcome to Israel

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Shalom everyone!

Here’s a little YouTube treat I stumbled upon. Great video (please feel free to share with your friends):

Blessings from the Holy Land,


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