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Blessings Upon Your Prayers

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Shalom all! Have I got a special surprise for you today!

As you may recall, on October 2nd, I took 3,812 prayers to the Western-Wall (see pictures here).

That big box of prayers raised a lot of attention at the Kotel (the Western-Wall), and many people stopped to ask questions and inquire about the operation. Once all the prayers were placed in one of the crevices of the Wall, a Rabbi came to say his special prayer. Here’s the video I took, notice the sea of blue prayers on the right:

I have already received tweets, comments and emails from some of you that told me your prayers were answered. Let’s hope that this blessing upon your prayers will help every single prayer to be answered.

I have more exciting photos and videos from Jerusalem to share. Come back soon :).

As always,yours with kind regards from the holiest of lands,



Pictures from the Kotel – Placing the Prayers

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On October 2nd I went to Jerusalem with a big box full of prayers. 3,812 of your prayers were placed in the Western-Wall that day. Since there were so many prayers to carry and place, I had my childhood friend Dan accompany me in the trip. Below are just some of the many pictures we took that day. I have more touching pictures (and videos!) I’ll share with you soon.

Click on a picture to enlarge:

Dan knows where”s the final destination:

Time to place some prayers:

We ran out of places to put the prayers so Dan, who is taller than I am (ex-basketball player) and has longer arms, helped putting remaining prayers deep inside the crevice:

And eventually (it took so long!):

Inside the wall it looked like a river of blue prayers!

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Mission accomplished, we can go!


Behind the scenes with Bernard Lebrun of France2

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This Monday I went to Jerusalem with a filming crew and France2 reporter Bernard Lebrun. He did a story about me and TweetYourPrayers that was aired yesterday at the mid-day news. From the first phone call I had with him I had the feeling he is a very nice man. He was very patient as I spoke broken french with him and it sounded like he was very happy to speak with me despite my poor verbal skills in French (J’oublie Français a l’École mais malheureusement je n’ai pas parle la langue depuis la lycée).

When he came to Tel-Aviv to meet with me he proved he really is a nice man. He really loved the simplicity yet importance of my idea and was happy to report it.

After filming at the Kotel, Bernard and I waited on the balcony for the camera-man Mossi to bring in another battery for his camera. We had an interesting talk, since he leads an interesting life as a reporter. He was also in Beirut and Tehran, and we obviously talked about peace between Israel and the arab states. He told me something very special and insightful, it was short, but it’s the most important thing that I’ll take with me from the France2 experience.

What he told me that he is optimistic there will be peace one day. When young people in Tehran and Tel-Aviv use the same medium to change the world in their own way, these people speak a common language. Because of technology, the young will bridge the differences and make peace.

I hope he’s right. 🙂

(I must say though that I don’t think what I do changes the world. I think it helps a little, and is very important to the few thousands I served so far, but it’s nothing compared to what happened in Tehran).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture I took on that balcony of Bernard closing up his story.

Bernard Lebrun in front of the camera with the Kotel in the background.

Bernard Lebrun in front of the camera with the Kotel in the background.

(click to enlarge)