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On October 15th I took your prayers to Jerusalem. However, since I had printer problems that week (see here) I had to prepare all those prayers in just one day.

An unfortunate side effect to preparing so many prayers in such a short time is this:


Hope I didn’t gross you out 🙂 I’ll survive, and I’m sure you will too. 🙂

More pictures from that trip to Jerusalem are coming up soon!

Take care and best regards from the Holy Land !




It was bound to happen sooner or later..

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I worked all day to process and prepare your prayers for printing so I could make them into notes tonight and tomorrow and have them ready on time for Thursday’s ride to the Western-Wall. I am using the famous World’s 1st Prayer-Printer, as you already know 🙂 .

Everything ran smoothly at first but a few pages into printing… the printer ran out of toner. It was bound to happen sooner or later! Not to mention I just printed 3,812 prayers a week and some ago.

Prayer Printer is out of toner

This means that unfortunately, I’ll have a tight schedule tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to run to the store tomorrow and buy a new cartridge, and than hope to get them all cut & rolled to small scrolls by the end of the day. I’m leaving for Jerusalem early Thursday so there’s no other option but to do it all tomorrow.. It’s going to be hectic!

Yours from the Holy Land,