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Media Coverage

   Posted by: Alon   in Blog

Shalom all,

I thought I’d give you another update on what going on with @TheKotel. You might want to read this update from a couple of days ago, because this blog post just builds on it.

First off – I’d like to once again apologize for not following-back everyone right away. Got about 2,500 new followers in the past couple of days (not that I’m complaining though πŸ™‚ ) and since this operation is manual, by just me, it takes a while to deal with all the requests but I’m getting there. Yesterday I followed-back approximately 400 people, and today I intend to keep at it. Last time I followed so many people all at once (around the end of July) – Twitter actually blocked me for a couple of days from following any other users. Hang in there – eventually I’ll follow all of you back, and deal with all your prayers. As I said in that last post – I’ve proven I’m a man of my word in the past.

Second – I got an important phone call today from the secretary of a man of great importance in Jerusalem that might really help this project. This means I’ll head to Jerusalem the coming week, or the one after that at most. It’s likely that I’ll take all of your prayers with me that time.

Finally – at the end of the day, keep in mind that I’m just a 25 year old student. I’m a regular person, so yes – the media interest flatters me to some extent. I just discovered I was on Romanian TV, and also got a link to this coverage on CNet (roughly 3 and a half minutes into the clip). I’d appreciate it if you could send me newspaper articles and TV stories I’m featured in. Surely you can understand.

Send me those stories to . Thank you!

Thanks a lot to all those who help or just send me a supporting email. I really appreciate that and it energizes me to keep going! πŸ™‚

All the best from the Holy Land,



A quick update about @TheKotel

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Shalom everyone,

As you probably know, this project has received a lot of media attention yesterday and today.Β  Reuters, FOX News, NBC New-York and Chicago, to name just a few. Many other places wrote or talked about it too. (By the way – if you’ve a story about his project on a real newspaper or on TV – please contact me, I’d love to know about it).

The media coverage brought a lot of new followers. Roughly 2,000 to be precise. And if you don’t know yet, this whole project is operated by me, a young student sitting in a room in Tel-Aviv. You can say I’m a bit overwhelmed with work πŸ™‚ . Just think what it’s like to manually process 2,000 new people on Twitter (not to mention the thousands I already had before).

I’m asking for your patience.

Rest assured, I intend to give service to all. And I’ve proven myself in the past. On July 23rd, this project was featured in many places (New-York times, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc.) and I was overwhelmed with prayers pouring in back than. I’m proud to say that even though it took me a little while, all prayers were processed and stashed in the Western Wall. You can see for yourselves in the Reuters video. (sorry, couldn’t embed the video here).

Also, if you can offer any help – please contact me. This project needs any help it can get. I can’t keep going unsupported for long. It’s just how things are. Also, please read the Help Us page, and see if you can help or forward it to someone who can.

Thanks everyone,

I’ll keep working and updating you on what’s going on.


Calling it a day

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I’m calling it a day. Going to sleep in a few minutes. The past two days haven’t been easy. It has come to a situation in which there’s an actual chance I’ll have to shut down operation. I don’t want to do it, but for reasons I’d rather not get into it might be the least bad option.

However, despite walking around with a sad face throughout the day, I’d like to go to sleep with a sense of optimism. I see once again how much this service means to you, and how eager you are to help. It is you guys why I keep going and it would be a great thing if you’ll also provide the solutions that would help me stay around. I started this whole thing with an intent to do something really big, that would touch people’s lives and make a change. I see how it has brought the best of you. I’ll try, I promise. The past few weeks have been amazing, and I truly feel this has great, incredible potential to make something extraordinary happen. You are why I feel this way, and you’re why I’m going to fight for a solution.

Whatever happens next, thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. I hope this project made a change, even a small one, in your lives. It certainly changed mine.

Good night my friends,

I cherish you all.


Pic of the day – Zero new mails

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You might find this funny, you might find it weird that I chose to write about it, but this is something that I wanted to share. I spent most of the past two days handling, manually, the prayers that came via email. These prayers require special attention and are harder to process. This is why I want to share with you this pic, which depicts what is no doubt my greatest achievement of the past two days:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mailbox with zero unread (and unprocessed) emails. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? πŸ™‚ . Of course, within a few minutes more prayers will come in, and will require processing. For the time being – I’ll savor the moment.

Good night from the Holy Land πŸ™‚

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