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As real as it gets

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Shalom all!

I know many of your don’t have the luxury I’m fortunate enough to have – to have Holy Jerusalem within reach!

I found these amazing spherical virtual tours and I think this is as close as one can get without actually being in the Western-Wall! I hope you enjoy them! Play around with your mouse on the virtual Western-Wall below!



Blessings from the Holy Land,



Panoramic view of a beach in Haifa

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Greetings everyone!

Here’s a quick quiz for you: What is the one thing Jerusalem lacks?

Answer: a beach.

When I saw this panoramic photo of a beach in Haifa (northern city in Israel), I immediately knew I want to share it with you. It’s a beautiful photo, which gives you a sense of the beauty there is over here in our side of the world.

Thank you Orli Yakuel (@Orli) for taking this photo and sharing it with the rest of us! For a large view of the photo, and for other photos, head over to Orli’s Flickr page.

Best regards from the land of milk, honey and… sand,