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First look on my talk at the #140conf NYC

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Shalom everyone!

As you may know, a couple of months ago I gave a talk at the #140conf in NYC about Tweet Your Prayers @TheKotel. I think the talk went well; I got laughs, applause, and hugs. I hope to have a video of my talk up soon, and in the meanwhile, I’d like to share a few photos from the event. These were taken by Amanda McCormick a.k.a. Jellybean Boom (flickr page, Twitter). These photos are published here with Amanda’s permission, and more can be found at Amanda’s flickr page.




Amanda has also written a blog post about my talk (read it here), here’s an excerpt:

I certainly was taken by surprise by this idea of “Tweet your prayers” and the presentation of it. I’m not religious, but I found the creativity of this idea very appealing indeed. And Alon Nil framed it in a quite witty and self-deprecating way as the “anti-startup.”

She went on to write:

But his testimonials of people who’s lives had been improved by participating in his service were moving, too, prompting my deep appreciation of the creativity that he has applied to Twitter.


So, thanks a lot to Amanda for the blog post and of course the photos, and I hope to have a video of my talk up soon!

Best regards from the Holy Land :),


Shalom all!

As you may know, last month I traveled to the US in order to present my work with @TheKotel at the #140conf NYC. While I was there, I got a bit home-sick. This feeling led me to reflect on bigger issues. This video blog is the product. I filmed it in my hotel room (at the Roger Smith), the first place I got comfortable enough to take out the camera and say what’s on my mind & heart. Please watch and share your thoughts in the comments (or on Twitter, or anywhere else really 🙂 ).



Yours with love from the Holy Land,


Shalom everyone!

Here’s something for you sports fans: NBA star Amare Stoudemire is currently spending some time in Israel these days, and he seems to enjoy every minute of his trip! Here’s an interview he gave, speaking about his connection to Judaism, Israel, and his experiences touring the Holy-Land. It’s a fun interview to watch, because in a very simple, down-to-earth manner, Amare is giving us some perspective about our lives and how we connect to our roots. Enjoy:

Blessings from the Holy Land,



A picture from NYC subway

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Hello all,

As you know, I was recently invited to NYC to present Tweet Your Prayers. Here’s an interesting picture I took underground – waiting for the subway. Imagine that whoever wrote this had to come down to the tunnel, skip the tracks while avoiding incoming trains, and leave his mark. (click to enlarge)

With this message, whoever wrote it is not the usual graffiti-‘delinquent’.


Help spread the word in the United States!

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Hello all!

Please hit play:

As you know, a few weeks ago I gave a talk in the #140conf (the 140 Characters Conference) in Tel-Aviv, about my experiences running TweetYourPrayers and @theKotel. Thousands have watched it online by now (and if you haven’t, it’s embedded below) and I have received countless comments, tweets and emails praising me for the talk and telling me how much it has touched and inspired them.

Since the talk touched so many people, the conference organizer, Mr. Jeff Pulver has kindly invited me to come to another conference he’s organizing in NYC in a couple of months. I really want to go to that conference and get a chance to spread my message to the US audience, and reach a broader audience in general. As you can learn from the talk I gave in Tel-Aviv, @TheKotel and the people who follow it, actually do make a change in this world. Just think to yourselves the impact of presenting my project in the US.

However, keep in mind this service is free of charge. I really can’t afford to go. I’m looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) for my trip. I think it’s a good deal for any company seeking some positive PR, because the costs are insignificant from a marketing perspective. Can you help in any way? Do you know someone who could? Please contact me.

Contact me.

If you haven’t watched my talk, here it is:

With love from the Holy Land,