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One Kotel, Many Prayers (Pictures)

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Shalom everyone!

Last Thursday’s trip to Jerusalem was one of the most fun I’ve had. There was such a festive atmosphere there, with many Bar-Mitzvah celebrations, and no one could stay nonchalant.
Here are a few pictures from last week’s ride to Jerusalem. Many beautiful pictures from Jerusalem will be added to the Gallery section soon!

Click on any photo to enlarge.

First thing’s first – arriving to the right place!

Taking your prayers to the Kotel itself:

…and making sure the Kippa (Yarmulke ) sits securely on my head:

Looking for my special niche in the Western Wall…

…and finally getting set up:

many minutes and many prayers later that day…

More pictures to come!

If you can, please consider helping out by making a donation:

Best regards from the Holy Land! 🙂


Announcing next Jerusalem ride

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Hello all,

I haven’t been active a lot this week because I was out with the flu. Still a bit sick, but getting better. Slowly but safely recuperating, and hope to be like new in a couple of days.

Just a week ago I was at the Western-Wall, and brought 3,812 prayers with me.


I have an important meeting in Jerusalem this coming Thursday, with a man who might really help with this operation. Of course I’ll be taking prayers with me. So, if you tweet your prayers by this Monday (Oct. 12th), they will be put in the Western-Wall on Thursday.

So tweet away, spread the word and invite your friends to do the same!

Best from the Holy-Land,


P.S. – I dislike doing this, but I need to: Please consider making a donation, so I’ll at least have the expenses covered for the trip. Thank you. Click here.