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Important announcement regarding Hospital Prayers

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Shalom all!

A couple of years ago I came up with the idea for The premise was very simple: recruit volunteers packed with laptops with internet connectivity to visit people in hospital beds and allow them to send prayers to the Western-Wall. Dozens of people around the world (mostly in the U.S. and Canada) volunteered and many prayers were sent via the extremely simple and user friendly website. I’m happy to say that over the past couple of years I have received emails from people that were admitted to the hospital, or their relatives, that told me what sending a prayer to the Kotel meant to them and how much it helped them in a time when they needed the Almighty the most.

However, since Hospital Prayers was launched, a few things changed in the world of technology:
1) The iPad was introduced (and then the iPad 2), and many many tablets followed.
2) Smartphones became very prevalent.
3) We introduced an iPhone app and an Android app.

Following up with volunteers and doing some analysis I found that most prayers that arrived via our volunteers were sent with either a tablet computer or a smartphone.

And here’s the important part:

Running Hospital Prayers costs money. For instance, there are a few domains I need to renew every year (about 11-13 USD each). The reason I have several domains for one service is that more than once unfriendly people registered domains for services Tweet Your Prayers was associated with, I assume in an attempt to capitalize on the work that I do (shame on them!).

So, keeping what has changed in the past 2 years in mind, I decided to shut down the dedicated websites for Hospital Prayers. More precisely – I won’t renew the domains, so they would disappear from the internet in the months to come. However, the service will remain operational. All volunteers from now on will use their tablets or smartphones (or laptops) to send prayers for the sick via either the dedicated apps or the standard twitter page. It will save Tweet Your Prayers about $50 a year, and as you know, this service is free of charge so money is always tight.

So, if you are a volunteer – keep in mind that in mid-march will no longer be accessible. Use the apps or Twitter instead.

If you are not a volunteer – why not become one? All you have to do is to go to a hospital adjacent to your place of residence, bring your phone\tablet\laptop with you, and bring some hope and comfort to those who need it the most. You can go just once, or as often as you feel like it. Do you want more information? No problem! Just shoot me an email at .

Anyway, that’s the big update!

Thanks for your attention and G-d bless! 🙂