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Calling it a day

   Posted by: Alon   in Blog

I’m calling it a day. Going to sleep in a few minutes. The past two days haven’t been easy. It has come to a situation in which there’s an actual chance I’ll have to shut down operation. I don’t want to do it, but for reasons I’d rather not get into it might be the least bad option.

However, despite walking around with a sad face throughout the day, I’d like to go to sleep with a sense of optimism. I see once again how much this service means to you, and how eager you are to help. It is you guys why I keep going and it would be a great thing if you’ll also provide the solutions that would help me stay around. I started this whole thing with an intent to do something really big, that would touch people’s lives and make a change. I see how it has brought the best of you. I’ll try, I promise. The past few weeks have been amazing, and I truly feel this has great, incredible potential to make something extraordinary happen. You are why I feel this way, and you’re why I’m going to fight for a solution.

Whatever happens next, thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. I hope this project made a change, even a small one, in your lives. It certainly changed mine.

Good night my friends,

I cherish you all.

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