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How My Life Was Saved

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Shalom everyone,

I want to share with you what happened to me on Wednesday night.

The short story is that on Wednesday night my life was saved. I got as close as humanly possible to a high speed car collision, and at the very last milisecond I was saved and got out of the situation without a scratch on me.

Some of you may know the feeling that after something shocking or deeply disturbing happens to you, you want to immediately tell it to a close
confidant like a spouse or a family member and get it off your chest. Talking through what happened and in many cases helps to find some relief. Well I did just that on Wednesday, I told my father and later my girlfriend, but I was not at all relieved from the somewhat shocked state I was in. It kept my up at night, and when I was up I felt a need to share it with you guys. I feel that this experience is related to the work I’m doing on Tweet Your Prayers, which couldn’t exist, of course – without you.

As I said, I came as closest as possible to a potentially fatal car accident. I was driving back from university at about 90 km/h (roughly 60 mph) when a reckless driver left a gas station on the side of the road and burst into the middle lane without looking. She did that just as I was approaching, so I instinctly hit the horn and hit the breaks. Both with great force. I think that she was shocked or dazzled with what was happening and the mistake she made, so she didn’t react at first. My car has a long stopping distance, so even though I hit the breaks as hard as I could, I got really really close to her rear end really really fast. I hit the breaks but still wasn’t slowing down fast enough. I was completly helpless (not a very pleasant feeling, to say the least), I couldn’t escape to the left or to the right, and also feared the car behind me would hit me from the back. I remember a thought ran through my head that this is a life changing moment, and nothing will be the same afterwards, because I’m definetly going to crash and either die or be severely injured. I got literally inches away from her car’s rear, and at the very last moment shed came to her senses, and she hit the gas and was able to get far away and swerve. It couldn’t have gotten any closer than that. I was saved.

I was pretty much in a state of shock afterwards. Many thoughts and feelings. I don’t think someone can get as close as possible to a high speed collision and be saved at the very last moment just like that. I think there’s something bigger behind it.

Many people, including my own parents, didn’t understand why I started Tweet Your Prayers, why I am working so hard to help complete strangers
whom I’ll never meet or know. I’ll tell you the truth – it’s very time and energy consuming. VERY.


Obviously when I started TweetYourPrayers a few months ago, I couldn’t have known that one day I’ll be in such a situation on the road. But I did it regardless, because I wanted to help people. And now I’m still here. I don’t have one scratch on me. Just think about it, it’s mind boggling. It’s hard to comprehend. I’M ALIVE.