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Get Printed Photos From Jerusalem

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Shalom All!

I have already published a few blog posts on this website with pictures of my trips to Jerusalem, that were always a big success with you. These photos (here) got over a 100 comments, countless tweets and dozens of emails. Additionally, These photos (here) also got that much attention.

You said the pictures bring tears to your eyes. That made me a very happy man.

A lot of people have emailed me and asked me to send them printed photos. Some inquired how they can buy copies of the photos. However, I don’t feel right selling pictures that I’m willing to give for free for your enjoyment. On the other hand, as you know printing pictures and sending international letters can get quite expensive, especially if you send dozens at a time. I’m sure you know money is tight for me and I really can’t afford to send so many international letters right now.

A few days ago I got an idea, which I want to try out with you all. I thought to myself – what if I send printed photos to people who donate money to this cause? That way you could get printed photos, and I could get some desperately needed donations.

So here’s what I’m offering, and please let me know what you think: Anyone who donates $10 or more, will get a real letter in the mail with real printed photos. After subtracting the costs of sending you letters, I will still have a few dollars left over.

So how is it going to work? First, click on this orange button to donate via PayPal :

After you donate, I’ll have your contact details. I’ll email you to verify the address you want the letter to be sent to. I also think you can add your own text in a custom field there, so you could write all the necessary details.

For any questions, comments or suggestions, you can always email me to: .

What do you think?

Yours with love from the Holy Land ๐Ÿ™‚


Lots of great news!

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I have just returned from a “Twitter Cocktail” event and I am very happy to say I bring you good news from that event, alongside other important news. Here we go:


I spent a good portion of the time speaking with a very talented young man, also names Alon. He is responsible, among other projects, to the Israeli adaptation of Twitter. We also spoke for an hour on the phone a couple of days ago. Anyway, he’s willing to help with the automation process, which means that all of you who are waiting to be followed back (and unfortunately there are quite a few of you, sorry about that) will be followed by @TheKotel very soon. Then you’ll be able to tweet your prayers. Sorry it’s taking so much time; just hang in there. It’s coming. Soon!

What’s needed now is to be whitlisted by Twitter. What does whitelisting mean? Well, you can only follow so many people on Twitter for a given period of time, and also send a limited number of messages/tweets. If you exceed Twitter’s limit – your account is suspended. It already happened to @TheKotel in late July, if you were around back then and remember. It is better not to play games with Twitter, because they can suspend, and even delete your account. This is why I couldn’t follow-back all those needing to be followed. Just didn’t want to be suspended again – and in such event I wouldn’t be able to process any prayers at all. Anyways, to make a long story short, whitelisting means that Twitter decides your account doesn’t have a following/tweeting limit. Which would allow, technically speaking, to serve an infinite number of people. Pretty cool huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m still waiting to hear from Twitter regarding the whitelisting status. Hope to get good news very soon.


Alon and I also discussed new features and services, which would definitely make your use of TweetYourPrayers more exciting. But one thing at a time.


I was invited to speak and present @TheKotel and TweetYourPrayers at two conferences. One is in Tel-Aviv in about a month’s time. The second is abroad. Where exactly? Well, I’ll tell you in good time ๐Ÿ™‚ . I hope it will get enough attention to attract donors and sponsors.


I’ll add a Gallery section to the website in a day or two. It will have pictures from Jerusalem and the Western Wall. Just adding the finishing touches to the gallery; so far it looks pretty good.


I spoke with an accountant. He told me I should put up a donation box on the website, and that the technical procedure of paying income taxes here in Israel is nothing to be scared of. So I added a donation box; If you’d like to make a donation – you can just click on the yellow/orange “donate” button to the right, or go to the Help Us page and donate from there (again, click on the donate button). All donations are carried out by PayPal.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned!