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My Inspirational Talk

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Shalom all!

On Dec. 6th I gave a talk at the 140Conf (a conference dedicated to ‘the state of now’, Twitter, social networks and real-time online interaction), in which I presented the story behind @TheKotel & TweetYourPrayers and my experiences running this service. I talked about how taking prayers to the Western-Wall affected people’s lives, and changed mine as well.

The talk went well, and many members of the crowd contacted me to say it was a very inspirational talk that touched them deeply.

I want to share this talk with you. It’s finally online. Please dedicate a few minutes of your time to watch what I have to say, and send this presentation to your friends. I want to spread good will and inspiration! Help me achieve this goal. Help me touch people’s hearts.

I want to thank the organizer of the conference – Mr. Jeff Pulver for believing in me and giving me the stage to present the work that I do, for all of his help before the conference and for being so great afterwards. I really feel we connected and became friends that day, as we shared a very unique experience. Jeff’s been so supportive and friendly, and as you can see in the video the man wouldn’t stop hugging me! :P.  (Check out  Jeff’s blog).

Another thank you is due for the man who actually shot this video and made it available for the world to watch. If it wasn’t for Chaim Goldman’s hard work, help and dedication, I wouldn’t be able to share my message with you. So thank you Chaim of GoGlobal New Media Marketing! You’re greatly appreciated!

Thanks also to my friend Erez Shermer, a very talented young man whose professional photographs you see in the presentation. Another thank you is to KerneL, for stepping up (or sitting down) when I needed her.

There are so many more people I need to thank, it would be impossible for me to write them all down. It doesn’t mean they’re not appreciated – quite the contrary! So many people have helped me with this incredible endeavor, and they are all appreciated and cherished.

I want to thank all of YOU – followers and friends, for being there and for sharing the video above. I really believe we can make a change and touch more people by spreading the message. Please share this video with the world (click on the small icons below)!

Your friend in the Holy Land,

P.S. – every personal message written on the slides was published with the sender’s approval.

(post updated 01-01-10)


Calling it a day

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I’m calling it a day. Going to sleep in a few minutes. The past two days haven’t been easy. It has come to a situation in which there’s an actual chance I’ll have to shut down operation. I don’t want to do it, but for reasons I’d rather not get into it might be the least bad option.

However, despite walking around with a sad face throughout the day, I’d like to go to sleep with a sense of optimism. I see once again how much this service means to you, and how eager you are to help. It is you guys why I keep going and it would be a great thing if you’ll also provide the solutions that would help me stay around. I started this whole thing with an intent to do something really big, that would touch people’s lives and make a change. I see how it has brought the best of you. I’ll try, I promise. The past few weeks have been amazing, and I truly feel this has great, incredible potential to make something extraordinary happen. You are why I feel this way, and you’re why I’m going to fight for a solution.

Whatever happens next, thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. I hope this project made a change, even a small one, in your lives. It certainly changed mine.

Good night my friends,

I cherish you all.