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Android App Update – Rolling out letters!

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Shalom all!

The holidays are over here in the Holy Land, and life gets back to its usual routine.

Just a few days ago I finally got a package in the mail with photos I had sent for printing. I assume it took them some time to arrive since the shop was obviously closed for the holidays and the postal service was taking a break as well. The important thing is that the photos are here now, they are pleasing to the eye, and I can finally start rolling out letters to the dear friends who helped the Android app campaign!


Photos of The Kotel !

Photos of The Kotel !


A select few will also find a charming bracelet from Jerusalem. This is just one of the available bracelets:


Chai Bracelet

Chai Bracelet


These letters are a way of saying thank you to those of you who helped the campaign.

Regarding the app development itself, things are happening in the shadows and I’m very optimistic regarding a Chanukka launch date for the app! Stay tuned!

(want to get a letter and / or a bracelet? leave a comment with your email address – don’t worry nobody else will see it buy me)


Shalom and blessings from the Holy Land!