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Blessings Upon Your Prayers

   Posted by: Alon   in Blog

Shalom all! Have I got a special surprise for you today!

As you may recall, on October 2nd, I took 3,812 prayers to the Western-Wall (see pictures here).

That big box of prayers raised a lot of attention at the Kotel (the Western-Wall), and many people stopped to ask questions and inquire about the operation. Once all the prayers were placed in one of the crevices of the Wall, a Rabbi came to say his special prayer. Here’s the video I took, notice the sea of blue prayers on the right:

I have already received tweets, comments and emails from some of you that told me your prayers were answered. Let’s hope that this blessing upon your prayers will help every single prayer to be answered.

I have more exciting photos and videos from Jerusalem to share. Come back soon :).

As always,yours with kind regards from the holiest of lands,