Tweet Your Prayers @TheKotel has arrived to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad!

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App description:

This app is your direct channel to the Almighty God. With it you can easily and quickly send a prayer to the Western Wall (also known as “The Kotel“ or the “Wailing Wall” ) and it will be placed in between the stones. Your faith or geographical location does not matter – Holy Jerusalem is a few tapping of your fingers away.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the last remnant of the Second Temple and as such, it is believed there’s greater Divine presence around the Western Wall than anywhere else on earth. This is why for hundreds of years people have been placing notes with their prayers in the Wall’s crevices, believing that it serves as a direct line to the Almighty God.

Now this centuries-old tradition arrives to your iPhone.

@TheKotel for iPhone is based on the popular “Tweet Your Prayers” Twitter service — http://www.twitter.com/TheKotel — which brought the Western-Wall to the Twitter age. It is a successful service on Twitter that’s received worldwide recognition and coverage, serving many thousands in the short period of time of its existence.

Visit http://www.tweetyourprayers.org for plenty of information on this service.

You can send a prayer in any language supported by your iPhone keyboard.


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First of all, this iPhone app is the volunteer work of Mr. Yoram Berkowicz, who created this app for free, so you could enjoy it and send your prayers to the Western-Wall as easily as possible. It was truly humble of him to put in a lot of work and effort for the greater good. Thank you YB!


The @theKotel app was translated to many languages by many kind volunteers. This is the place to acknowledge and appreciate their work and devotion:

Simon Darchis
Florence Sornette
Olga Kruglova
Aviva Victoria Brückner
Ekaphot Pattananarak
Jessica Sombra de França
Citlali Talina
Vishav Deepak
Benjamin Haane
M. Philippsborn
Alberto Sanchez (Razormad)
Anja Meyer


We’d like to thank the following for providing the app’s icons:
Joseph Wain | glyphish.com
PixelPress Icons | www.pixelpressicons.com


Function Design & Development Studio | http://wefunction.com/2008/07/function-free-icon-set/
The app makes use of these fonts:
BN Varda (Thank you Ben Nathan)