Mobile apps

If you want to have The Kotel in your pocket, now you can take Tweet Your Prayers on the go with our mobile apps! Send a prayer to the Western-Wall from anywhere right from your phone!


For more info about the iPhone app, go to the iPhone page.

For more info about the Android app, go to the Android page.


Or you can get the apps directly:

         Android app                                                  iPhone app



As the last remnant of the Second Temple, the Western-Wall in Jerusalem (also known as The Kotel) is believed to have a greater Divine presence than anywhere else on earth. For hundreds of years, people have placed notes with their prayers in the Wall’s crevices, believing that it serves as a direct channel to the Almighty.

Tweet Your Prayers @TheKotel was born from the belief that the Western-Wall should be easily accessible to all people – from all over the world – and for free. As the name suggests, this service was originally launched on Twitter, where it was quickly adopted by many and given much attention around the world.

Offering this service on Twitter showed us the great impact that sending prayers to Jerusalem can have. We learned that many lives were touched, even changed, through the simple act of sending a prayer to the Western-Wall. It soon became clear that this service should be accessible beyond Twitter, so mobile apps for iPhone and Android are now available. Our mission is to facilitate prayer, because we realize that the more people we reach, the more impact we have, and the more lives are touched. It’s as simple as that!


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