For hundreds of years people of the Jewish faith have been placing notes between the Western Wall’s stones, notes containing their wishes and prayers. People of other faiths too tend to practice this tradition when they visit the holy city Jerusalem. It is believed by many that the Wall serves as a direct channel to the Almighty.

Tweet Your Prayers was born from the belief that the Western Wall should be easily accessible to all people, from all over the world and for free. Twitter is a great platform to achieve this goal – it is used by millions around the globe, it’s quick, simple and easy to use. Connecting to Holy Jerusalem can’t get any easier.

Throughout running Tweet Your Prayers I have discovered an amazing consequence: this service has caused an actual change in many people’s lives. Today, the mission is to first and foremost connect the world to the Western Wall, but to also try an invoke change. To touch lives. To inspire people with the power of prayer and to make this world a better place.

Please watch this video to get a better grasp of what I mean: