How do I send a prayer to the Kotel ?

You can watch a complete instructional video at this page. Basically, sending prayers on Twitter is done via direct messages. Direct messages can only be sent to people who you follow and are following you, so if you want to send a prayer follow these steps:

1. Go to www.twitter.com/TheKotel and click on the Follow button.

2. Wait for TheKotel to follow you back.

3. Send a direct message to TheKotel. Go to http://twitter.com/TheKotel and choose “message TheKotel”. Twitter will direct you to a window that allows you to send a direct message. Make sure you see the caption “Send The Kotel a message.” – otherwise you must have reached the wrong place.

What if I don’t have a Twitter account? Is there another way to send prayers?

Yes! You can use our iPhone app (also works on iPod Touch and the iPad) and send your prayers right away. Best part? It’s free! Get the app here: http://omy.gd/iphone (or look for @TheKotel in the iTunes store. Make sure you get the right one!).

Do you really take the prayers to Jerusalem?

Of course! You can see photos here.

What do I do if I want to tweet a prayer that’s longer than a 140 characters ? Can I email you my prayer?

As we all know, Twitter limits the length of the messages to 140 characters. When we launched this service emailed prayers were accepted. Unfortunately, we soon realized that handling prayers that arrive via email takes a lot more time and effort than we previously anticipated. Since this service is free, our financial situation forced us to discontinue accepting prayers via email. We had to make a choice – either keeping the prayers short or discontinuing service all together. We chose the former, and believe we did the right thing.

We hope to be able to provide email support in the future, though!

How much does this service cost ?

Absolutely nothing! However, we accept donations if you’d like to support this service. See the Help Us page.

My prayers weren’t answered. Who can I talk to in customer service ?

Take it up with the Big Guy upstairs. We’re just the middle-men!

Do you Daven at the Wall? Do you say Tehilim ?

No. This service only brings prayers to the Wall and put them within the crevices. Nothing more, sorry.

In what language(s) can I send my prayer ?

The Kotel accepts all languages. The Kotel supports unicode and so does our special Laserjet Prayer-Printer.

I followed @TheKotel but wasn’t followed back. What’s wrong?

Well, there could be several reasons for that. First thing to ask is how long has it been since you followed @TheKotel ? Follow backs don’t happen instantly, because it’s done manually. If it’s been more than a couple of days since you followed, feel free to send an @TheKotel tweet (also known as “mention” and draw our attention to it.
Another possibility is that you have a protected profile. Under the ‘settings‘ section of your Twitter page, you might have set your tweets to be protected. This means that you have to approve every new Twitter user that requests to follow you back, and if your profile IS protected, that’s probably the reason why @TheKotel hasn’t followed you back. Check your Twitter page and see if there’s a follow request from @TheKotel. If there is, just approve it and you’re good to go!

How can I contact you guys ?

Please see our contact page.

Must I be Jewish to send my prayers to the Kotel ?

Of course not. Many people of different faiths put their prayers between the Kotel’s stones. Two recent examples are President Barack Obama who stashed his prayer in the Wall, and so did Pope Benedict XVI in a recent trip to Israel.

It appears that sometimes Twitter “loses” some of my tweets. How can I know my prayer won’t be lost in the process?

We have noticed that problem too. Rest assured, our system frequently downloads tweets received and stores them to a database, so it’s very unlikely a prayer will be lost!