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First picture from the eClub talk

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Today I gave a presentation at The Technion MBA graduates Entrepreneurs’ Club and introduced @TheKotel. I’m happy to say the presentation went very well and I really felt I’m captivating the audience. After the presentation many people stayed and talked with me and even offered their help with this project. Here’s a first image from the talk, from which I, unfortunately, have only low resolution photos. That’s my bad and I’m sorry (for both you and me).

Anyway, here I am introducing the talk.

Introducing my talk at the Technion MBA graduates Entreprenuer Club

Introducing my talk at the Technion MBA graduates Entreprenuer Club

The caption says “Talking to a wall” .

Big day tomorrow – going to the Kotel. Lots of updates, pictures and videos are coming!


Pic of the day – Zero new mails

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You might find this funny, you might find it weird that I chose to write about it, but this is something that I wanted to share. I spent most of the past two days handling, manually, the prayers that came via email. These prayers require special attention and are harder to process. This is why I want to share with you this pic, which depicts what is no doubt my greatest achievement of the past two days:

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Mailbox with zero unread (and unprocessed) emails. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? 🙂 . Of course, within a few minutes more prayers will come in, and will require processing. For the time being – I’ll savor the moment.

Good night from the Holy Land 🙂



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I wrote this last night before I went to sleep. Actually, I went to sleep, got up, wrote this down and only then got to bed again.

There’s something here that makes the good people stand out. It doesn’t only bring out the good people, it also brings out the good from people. It makes them want to help others; it makes them be better people in everyday life. This is more than I could have ever hoped for. People are actually inspired to help other people. Actual good deeds happen because of @TheKotel. People, wherever in the world they are, are kinder to others. Help their peers. And I only got a few emails telling me about these actions. I believe it’s just going to keep growing.

This is flabbergasting. This is what makes all the effort I, and others helping me, put in worthwhile. It’s why I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face.

For years now I couldn’t fall asleep at night unless I had some noise from the television in my ears. Now, I can’t stand it. It distracts me from thinking. In the past few days I’m falling asleep, laying straight on my back, head resting on my stretched palms, and most important of all – happy.

Go, do great things. Make a change. Be nicer to others. Help. Greet. Smile.


Tales of @TheKotel – Part 1

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Not even 2 weeks have gone by since @TheKotel was launched. There’s still much work to be done, including many improvements to the site and of course – reaching the masses and making the service more widespread.

Though the service hasn’t been operating for long,  I have already received a few dozen prayers. It feels good to give people this service, and I’ll be honest – it gives me some satisfaction. What’s more, I’ve been contacted by some very interesting people, with interesting stories and goals, and it’s those people who inspire me to keep going, though I spend too many hours a day working on this project.

I wanted to share with you the stories of these people, so I started writing this blog. Hope you find the blog interesting and inspirational.

The first person I’d like to introduce is Wyman Brent (@jewishlibrary). He is a remarkable person, and though he is what we might affectionately call a “goy”, he is fascinated with Jewish culture. He went all the way from San-Diego to Vilnius, Lithuania with a very ambitious goal in mind: to restore the city’s rich Jewish culture that was wiped out during WWII. Why is he doing it? He revealed his motives  in an interview to The Baltic Times:

“I’m fascinated with Jewish culture. I fell in love with Lithuania when I went there the first time in 1994. So it was kind of like, I love libraries, I love Jewish culture and I love Lithuania, so let me put this all together into this Jewish library.”

He aims to open a public library with 100k books in English about the Jewish culture, hoping to once again make Vilnius “The Jerusalem of the North”.
As one could expect, he needs help achieving this noble goal. He wrote me an email with details:

What I would most like is for readers especially in Israel or the US to gather books, CDs, and DVDs for the library.  The best is if say someone in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem had a central storage area where people could send material.  Then after a certain amount of items were gathered, then someone could send them to Vilna.  It is always less expensive per item if everything is shipped at once.  I would love to see someone do the same in New York City.

The last two lines of that email enchanted me even further:

The only way that the library can grow is by people everywhere helping out.  I am only one man and I am as rich as Tevye.  It took thousands and thousands of people to destroy Jewish culture in Lithuania.  It will take more than just one person to restore the culture which was lost.

Please contact him on Twitter or email and see how you can help.

For more information about Brent and his undertaking I recommend reading The Baltic Times article (link) and also an article on The Jewish Press (link). There’s a lot more material on the Vilnius Jewish Library blog (link).

So far for the first blog post. Next time – how one young lady from NY is using Twitter to fight for Gilad Shalit.

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