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On October 15th I took your prayers to Jerusalem. However, since I had printer problems that week (see here) I had to prepare all those prayers in just one day.

An unfortunate side effect to preparing so many prayers in such a short time is this:


Hope I didn’t gross you out 🙂 I’ll survive, and I’m sure you will too. 🙂

More pictures from that trip to Jerusalem are coming up soon!

Take care and best regards from the Holy Land !




Pictures from the Kotel – Placing the Prayers

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On October 2nd I went to Jerusalem with a big box full of prayers. 3,812 of your prayers were placed in the Western-Wall that day. Since there were so many prayers to carry and place, I had my childhood friend Dan accompany me in the trip. Below are just some of the many pictures we took that day. I have more touching pictures (and videos!) I’ll share with you soon.

Click on a picture to enlarge:

Dan knows where”s the final destination:

Time to place some prayers:

We ran out of places to put the prayers so Dan, who is taller than I am (ex-basketball player) and has longer arms, helped putting remaining prayers deep inside the crevice:

And eventually (it took so long!):

Inside the wall it looked like a river of blue prayers!

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Mission accomplished, we can go!


It was bound to happen sooner or later..

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I worked all day to process and prepare your prayers for printing so I could make them into notes tonight and tomorrow and have them ready on time for Thursday’s ride to the Western-Wall. I am using the famous World’s 1st Prayer-Printer, as you already know 🙂 .

Everything ran smoothly at first but a few pages into printing… the printer ran out of toner. It was bound to happen sooner or later! Not to mention I just printed 3,812 prayers a week and some ago.

Prayer Printer is out of toner

This means that unfortunately, I’ll have a tight schedule tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to run to the store tomorrow and buy a new cartridge, and than hope to get them all cut & rolled to small scrolls by the end of the day. I’m leaving for Jerusalem early Thursday so there’s no other option but to do it all tomorrow.. It’s going to be hectic!

Yours from the Holy Land,



Announcing next Jerusalem ride

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Hello all,

I haven’t been active a lot this week because I was out with the flu. Still a bit sick, but getting better. Slowly but safely recuperating, and hope to be like new in a couple of days.

Just a week ago I was at the Western-Wall, and brought 3,812 prayers with me.


I have an important meeting in Jerusalem this coming Thursday, with a man who might really help with this operation. Of course I’ll be taking prayers with me. So, if you tweet your prayers by this Monday (Oct. 12th), they will be put in the Western-Wall on Thursday.

So tweet away, spread the word and invite your friends to do the same!

Best from the Holy-Land,


P.S. – I dislike doing this, but I need to: Please consider making a donation, so I’ll at least have the expenses covered for the trip. Thank you. Click here.


I needed a bigger box

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Shalom all!

Yesterday, Friday the 2nd of October, I was in Jerusalem with my childhood friend Dan, who is currently visiting Israel. We toured Jerusalem and the first stop was obviously the Kotel (the Western Wall). We took a lot of pictures and videos, some of them very special and exciting; I will sort the files soon and share them with you on this site. I also have a couple of surprises I think you’ll like 🙂 . In the meantime, until I have everything sorted, I’ll share just two photos with you.

As you may remember, the first time I took prayers to the Kotel, I carried them in this box:


Now, yesterday, even though each prayer was made from a smaller piece of paper, I needed a slightly bigger box. Observe:


Would anyone like to guess how many prayers are in the box? The closest guesser will win a special prize. 🙂

As promised, I’ll upload more pictures and videos soon.

Take care and have a good weekend!


UPDATE Oct. 5th: OK, it’s time to reveal the actual number of prayers + announce the winners. I must say I enjoyed the past two days. This game was fun and I hope to find more of these kinds of joyful games. Are you ready? (drum roll please)

First, the people who guessed the closest are:

John Henry Bourke who guessed 3,876 prayers.

Karaleigh Salmi guessed 3,789 prayers (she also guessed one million, by the way).

Denise Lange with a good guess of 3,850 prayers.

George Koprowicz who guessed 3,840 prayers.

And the actual number is… 3,812 prayers!

So, congratulations to the four of you who were the closest, and a special appreciation to George who was off by just 18!

You are each awarded one cookie, reedmable only in Israel. 🙂 Actually, email me to discuss a somewhat better (yet still modest) prize.

Thank you all for participating, and feel free to suggest more ideas for games.

Best from the Holy Land,


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