Israel elects – Elections day 2013

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Shalom all,

Today, Tuesday the 22nd, Israeli citizens go to the polls for the general elections to the Knesset (Israeli parliament). There are 120 seats and the about 30 different parties are competing for them. Usually the head of the party with most seats gets the right to form a coalition with other parties (at least 61 seats) and if he or she succeeds – he or she become the prime minister.

The process itself is pretty simple and straightforward. Each Israeli 18 years of age or older goes (if he chooses to) to the polls, stands behind a screen for privacy and confidentiality, and chooses one of the ballots, each one represents a party.

Israel elects - Ballots


The ballot is then placed in an envelope and sealed (still behind the screen) and then the envelope is placed into a securely closed poll.


and that’s it! At 10 PM the polls close, and the people in charge tally the votes. At 10 PM the news shows give their predictions based on their surveys and polls, which are usually pretty accurate.

Before I finish this post, I just want to share Google’s Doodle in the local version of the search engine, special for this day:


I like it! Well done!


Happy elections day and Shalom from the Holy Land ๐Ÿ™‚


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