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Shalom all,

A quick post before I go to bed. I just wanted to tell you what happened around an hour ago.

I’m producing an instructional video to guide new users step-by-step throughout the process of tweeting their prayers. Since I’m Israeli, and even though I consider myself to be rather fluent and eloquent in English, my accent could be better. So I posted a tweet that I’m looking for someone with a microphone and a native English accent. I’ve received around 12 messages from volunteers within minutes. Since then all I did was to answer messages on Twitter.

This is incredible. This is what keeps me energized and makes me continue zealously operating this service, meeting with tech-savvy people, etc. I am happy because my project brings the good people stand out, and the good from people to present itself from behind their shells. Thank you all very much, those who helped until now, and those who will help. There are so many, so I’m sorry for not thanking individually. Thank you all the volunteers to provide audio narration.

This song is dedicated to you:

Update 00:20 :

It’s funny how things turn out. I shared this post with a friend. She’s a great supporter of TweetYourPrayers and though I’m not comfortable with it, she describes herself as a fan. After she saw I thanked all those involved in some way or another with one of her favorite songs, she decided to share her cover version. Just had to put it. It fits so nicely with the theme of the post – appreciating those helping out 🙂

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that is a good song i like it
and this good post (:
if need something you can ask, if i can i’ll help


September 3rd, 2009 at 10:34 am

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