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Welcome to Tweet Your Prayers – the website that guides you how to tweet your prayers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, also known as The Kotel!

You can find navigation links both on the top and on the right, so go ahead and explore the possibilities this service offers you. On the About page you can get more info on this service, on the FAQ page you’ll find instructions how to use this service. It’s also important that you read our Terms of Use because using this service is subject to accepting them.

Here’s a quick presentation to guide you through the process:


Pictures from the Kotel – Placing the Prayers

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On October 2nd I went to Jerusalem with a big box full of prayers. 3,812 of your prayers were placed in the Western-Wall that day. Since there were so many prayers to carry and place, I had my childhood friend Dan accompany me in the trip. Below are just some of the many pictures we took that day. I have more touching pictures (and videos!) I’ll share with you soon.

Click on a picture to enlarge:

Dan knows where”s the final destination:

Time to place some prayers:

We ran out of places to put the prayers so Dan, who is taller than I am (ex-basketball player) and has longer arms, helped putting remaining prayers deep inside the crevice:

And eventually (it took so long!):

Inside the wall it looked like a river of blue prayers!

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Mission accomplished, we can go!